Titirijai 2011, 29th edition

44th Tolosa Choral Contest

44th Tolosa Choral Contest 6

This year, the competition features a total of 16 groups from 11 different countries: Germany, the United States, the Philippines, Finland, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Latvia, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine. 7 Mixed Choirs (with between 20 and 40 singers) will be competing in the Folk and Polyphony categories, and 10 Vocal Groups (with between 4 and 16 singers) will be vying for the Religious and Secular Music prizes. (See programe)

During recent years, we have resisted the recession by paring down the programme and eliminating events which, while important, were not essential to the competition itself: the Opening Concert, the Special Concert, etc. This year, however, the economic cutbacks have been so severe that we have been forced to suspend some of the key events of our competition. The elimination of the Children’s Competition, an event so dear to the hearts of organisers and audiences alike, as evident in the fact that the first session sells out year after year, has been a serious blow. Nevertheless, we would like to make it quite clear that it is our firm intention to reinstate this event as soon as possible.

Despite this setback, the ideals which have prompted us to organise this gathering for 44 years running remain unchanged.

It is these ideals that push us to continue striving, year after year, to bring together the best choirs in the world and to encourage them to sing some of our traditional songs in our vernacular language.

Moreover, on 20th October, a Choral Meeting will be held with three choirs from the province of Gipuzkoa.

During their participation in the competition, the choirs will also be performing all over the Basque Country, giving almost 70 concerts. Both at these concerts and during the Tolosa competition sessions themselves, which are attended by choral music enthusiasts from all over Spain, the overriding atmosphere is unique and extremely convivial, making the whole experience a pleasurable one for both the audience and performers alike.

In this sense, we would like to highlight the fact that we are certain that the Leidor Theatre will once again prove the ideal setting for what is sure to be a splendid and deeply moving musical event.