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TITIRIJAI returns to Tolosa.

Once again, one of the most important cultural events within the Performing Arts of Euskadi is approaching. We are talking about the TITIRIJAI Puppet Festival that is held in the town of Tolosa and is a meeting between professionals and the public of all ages. The history of the festival dates back to 1982, when the Tolosa Initiative Center, led by Miguel Arreche, reflected on the possibility of carrying out an artistic initiative that would promote the culture and art of puppetry in the region. Since then, the festival has grown to become one of the longest-running cultural events in Euskadi.

This year’s program promises to offer a varied selection of national and international puppet shows, accompanied by companies from South Africa, Uruguay, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal or France; such as Galicia, Madrid, Andalucia or Catalonia. But we are proud to have three companies from Euskadi as hosts, Mar Mar Teatro, Bonbon Beltz, Zurrunka and Anita Maravillas. Titirijai is not limited only to indoor performances, as the festival also includes street performances, such as Kuntur by the Companyia de Titelles of Leida, the Maletas Mágicas show or the Gargot Picado installation.

The TITIRIJAI International Puppet Festival aims to encourage creativity and innovation in the field of puppetry, as well as provide a space for artists to share their work with the visiting public. In this way, different activities are offered that provide a unique opportunity for attendees to discover the possibilities of visual, puppet and object theater; Designed for both professionals and amateurs. Of these activities we would highlight the workshop given by the Odradek School of Toulouse (France), which will teach us how to create a dramaturgy within the theater of puppets and objects. Like the presentations by Joëlle Noguès or Shaday Larios. These activities are a great way to immerse yourself in the world of puppetry and gain a deeper understanding of this art form.

You can’t miss it, we are waiting for you!

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From November 25 to December 3

april, 2024

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april, 2024

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