18th European Gran Prix Of Choral Singing

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18th European Gran Prix Of Choral Singing

Cartel 18º Gran Premio Europeo
Cartel 18º Gran Premio EuropeoOn 17 June, at 17.00h, at the Leidor Theatre, the 18th European Gran Prix of Choral Singing will be held in Tolosa.

The competition will feature the winning choirs of 6 of last year?s most important European choral competitions: ?Guido d?Arezzo? in AREZZO (Italy), ?Bela Bartok? in DEBRECEN (Hungary), ?Cesare Augusto Seghizzi? in GORIZIA (Italy), ?Florilège Vocal? in TOURS (France), ?Prof. Dimitri Dimitrov? in VARNA (Bulgaria) and the TOLOSA Choral Competition (Spain).

It is therefore a competition with a two-stage entry process: firstly, that carried out by each international competition when selecting its respective participants, and secondly, that carried out by the International Judges? Panels of each competition when deciding which participating choir will go on to compete in the Gran Prix. The artistic quality of all performances is therefore guaranteed. In short, it is the most important stable Choral Competition of the year in the world.

The association?s first headquarters was in Arezzo (Italy), and it was there also that the first ?European Gran Prix of Choral Singing? was held. Subsequently, the Gran Prix has been held in each of the participating cities in turn. The first occasion in which it was held in Spain was in 1994, and now, 12 years later, it has returned once again to TOLOSA, the current headquarters of the organisation, as part of the programme compiled to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the foundation of the town.

PARTICIPANTS (+ information)

Following all the competitions of 2005, the representatives selected by each participating event are as follows:

Representing TOURS (France)


Representing VARNA (Bulgaria)


BILKENT YOUTH CHOIR (Bilkent/Ankara ? Turkey)

Representing GORIZIA (Italy)


Representing AREZZO (Italy)

CANTEMUS GYEMERKKAR (Nyiregyhaza – Hungary)

Representing TOLOSA (Spain)


JURY (+ information)

The Jury is made up by 7 key figures from the international choral scene. Each of the six member competitions of the ?European Gran Prix of Choral Singing? association nominates one member of their jury, and the seventh, who also acts as President of the panel, is appointed by Tolosa, the organising competition of this year?s event. The members of the Jury are as follows:

  • Jordi CASAS (Spain)
  • Javier BUSTO (Spain) ? Representing Tolosa
  • Mauro CHIOCCI (Italy) ? Representing Gorizia
  • Roberto GABBIANI (Italy) ? Representing Arezzo
  • Richard SAFIR (France) ? Representing Tours
  • Máté SZABÓ SIPOS (Hungary) ? Representing Debrecen
  • Marin CHONEV (Bulgaria) ? Representing Varna