Cartel 18º Gran Premio Europeo
18th European Gran Prix Of Choral Singing
The To-pic begins again

38th Choral Contest

38th Choral Contest 5

Ver Programa Coros 2006

For many decades, Tolosa has been the venue for one of the best and most deeply-rooted choral competitions in Europe.

However, this love for music and singing goes back much further, and in fact, for over 750 years the people of Tolosa have seen choral singing as a source of union and brotherhood.

If we look back over time, we see that, in the ?small-scale history? of our town, singing has always had its own special place in every important event that has ever taken place.

For months we have been working hard to ensure that the history of these 750 years is given the place it deserves in this year?s Choral Competition. The result of these efforts is a competition that is guaranteed to delight and which offers one of the best programmes ever.

The competition begins with a concert by the marvellous Choeur de Chambre Accentus, one of the top professional choirs in both Europe and the world. Accentus will be offering an extremely attractive programme featuring a wide range of romantic music.

This year 27 choirs will be participating in the competition, representing a number of different countries from Europe, America and Asia. Furthermore, for the first time ever we also have choirs from Puerto Rico, Indonesia and Turkey.

Last year, if you remember, we were unable to hold the concerts and events in the competition?s traditional venue, the Leidor. This year, however, we will be returning to this magnificent theatre, for whose renovation we campaigned for so long. We hope that in the future it will continue to live up to the standards and expectations of this prestigious international choral competition.

I ask my fellow townsfolk to continue giving a warm, hospitable welcome to all those who come to Tolosa for this event, so that we can maintain the prestige earned over so many years. And to those coming for the first time, I hope that all our hard work pays off and that this will be just the first of many visits.