Teatro Estudio from San Sebastian honors the CIT for its 50th anniversary

A huge thank you to our friends of Teatro Estudio de San Sebastián for the tribute they offered us yesterday at Topic. It was the last act scheduled for the 50th anniversary […]

Eguberri on – Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël


Teatro Estudio de San Sebastián presents “Una Comedia Española”

Tomorrow, December 28, our friends from Teatro Estudio de San Sebastián will join the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the CIT with the play “Una Comedia Española” by the writer Yasmina […]

Evaluation of the 35th Tolosa International Puppet Festival

Yesterday the 35th edition of Titirijai finished with two indoor and one outdoor shows. Precisely one of the indoor shows was the winner of the prize of the children’s jury, Michele Cafaggi […]

From tomorrow on, adult shows will make their way into Titirijai Puppet Festival

As in other years, this edition of Titirijai presents a section aimed at adults that will take place, from Monday to Friday, in the ambigu of Topic, at 10 p.m. On Monday we […]

The 35th edition of Titirijai is here!

The 35th edition of the Titirijai will be held from November 25 to December 3. Fifteen companies from 5 countries (Brazil, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina) and 6 autonomous regions (Catalonia, Aragon, Murcia, […]

…bizitzEKO!, a very special workshop within the framework of Titirijai

Topic in collaboration with the Department of Environment of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa has organized this workshop in which they will reflect on the waste generated by the society and will […]

The Brotherhood of the Bean of Tolosa has named the CIT as a honorary member

The Brotherhood of the Bean of Tolosa has named the CIT as a honorary member together with the journalist Ana Urrutia, the cook Edurne Trancho and the group of traditional dances Udaberri […]

Presented the 49th edition of the Tolosa Coral Contest

Last Thursday, the 49th edition of the Tolosa International Choral Contest was presented in the Topic.