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Rules of Competition

Grand Prix "kutxa"

The European "Grand Prix" for Choral Singing is a Contest organized by the International Choral Contests of Arezzo and Gorizia in Italy, Debrecen in Hungary, Tours in France, Varna in Bulgaria and Tolosa.

The choirs winning in any of these Contests will compete in 2006 in Tolosa, for the European "Grand Prix" for Choral Singing

All the choirs participating in any of the several Contests within this 37 Tolosa Choral Contest compete, at the same time, to obtain this "Kutxa" Grand Prize awarding the nomination to the European "Grand Prix" representing Tolosa. The prize is 2.000 EURO which will be given at the moment of his participation in the European "Grand Prix" for which has been nominated.

The conditions to obtain the aforesaid nomination are the following:

  1. To have obtained the maximun scoring of the Contest in any of the various Contests.
  2. It must be made up of a mínimum of 12 singers.
  3. It must be a choir made up of non-professional singers exclusively.
  4. Not to be nomined previously, on that same year, in any of the other contests of the Grand Prix.